The Best Solution for Waste Handling

Did you know, that for almost seven decades, HMF Group has been manufacturing loader cranes, that meets the expectations of the demanding industry?  

A loader crane comes in many variations, but one of HMF’s exceptional cranes is the waste loader crane, which seems to be the ideal solution within the waste industry.

Revolutionizing Waste Handling

Waste management is a critical aspect of urban living, and efficient waste handling is essential for cleanliness and environmental issues. HMF’s recycling cranes are engineered to meet the growing demands of the waste industry.

Special Boom Design for Maximum Height

One cool feature of the HMF recycling crane is its unique boom design, which (when retracted) provides an impressive lifting height close to the column. This design innovation allows for efficient handling of waste from underground refuse containers, even for vehicles with high, closed containers.

Compact Installation Height

HMF’s recycling cranes offer a compact installation height for the boom system, making it easy to stow over a compactor. This compact design not only streamlines waste handling but also keeps the overall height of your vehicle low, ensuring smooth navigation through urban environments.

Optimized Boom System

The recycling crane’s boom system features 3 or 4 hydraulic extensions, providing an impressive reach of up to 11 meters. This extended reach creates a vast and efficient working area, allowing you to handle waste with maximum precision and efficiency. 

Intelligent Parking Assist System (IPA) 

Safety is of the utmost importance, especially in waste handling. HMF’s IPA system is designed to assist crane operators to stow the boom system in situations with insufficient visibility. It helps avoid the risk of erroneous operations that could damage the crane or equipment. The IPA system monitors the position and speed of the boom system, providing clear signals to indicate the correct stowing position. Such a system is very handy in day-to-day operations and ensures ease of mind to the operator.

Efficient Optimization Systems

With HMF’s S-crane, you gain access to sophisticated optimization systems that save time and simplify your daily work. The SDC-function (Stabilizer Duty Control) enables you to work with the crane both with and without the stabilizer beams fully extended. 

Meanwhile, the PFC-function (Priority Flow Control) ensures efficient and user-friendly flow distribution for individual working functions on the crane, optimizing your speed for each specific task.